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Regional Organisations

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Regional Organisations are independent of the IPC and are recognised as the sole representatives of IPC members within a specific part of the world.

They act as liaisons of the IPC, organise regional sporting events, coordinating development activities and providing support to the IPC membership department in the respective regions. They also have the right to participate in IPC activities.

The IPC currently recognises four Regional Organisations, and has established a fifth in the Americas, which will remain until an independent Regional Organisation is created there.

Regional Organisations
Organisation Main Contact E mail
African Paralympic Committee Ms. Teresa Mutim teresamtim63@hotmail.com
Americas Paralympic Committee* Ms. Julie O┬┤Neill Dussliere apcamerica@paralympic.org
Asian Paralympic Committee Mr. Rob Atchison info@asianparalympic.org
European Paralympic Committee Ms. Saskia Kanfer saskia.kanfer@europaralympic.org
Oceania Paralympic Committee Mr. Paul Bird pkbird@bigpond.com