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One of the IPC’s ultimate goals is to increase the number of people with an impairment participating in sport at all levels from the grassroots through to the elite level and the Paralympic Games.

Athletes are the essence of the Paralympic Movement and it is the goal to empower Para athletes at all levels to enjoy the opportunity to practice sports.

This requires the development of a well functioning system of organisational structures, capable human resources and access to the necessary resources.

In this system the work and initiatives of International Federations, NPCs and Regions need to be synchronized to complement each other and to form a coherent plan.

To achieve this, the IPC’s Development initiatives consist of seven strategic priorities:

Organizational development

Develop and organise learning and training opportunities for National Paralympic Committees and International Federation staff in the areas of governance, management, leadership and sports promotion, including coaching, classification, medical and science.

Athlete pathway

Develop programmes from the grassroots to the elite level boosting athlete participation and career development.

Elite competitions

Work with appropriate bodies to organise and promote local, regional and international sporting competitions, and contribute to the sufficient classification opportunities for athletes.

Respect fair play

Ensure sports are practiced in a manner that protects the health of athletes, respect fair play and ethics including compliance with the World Anti-doping Code and the IPC Classification Code.

Support International Federations

Ensure all have solid structure and technical competencies to ensure the credibility and consistent standards for their sport

Minimum standards

Reinforce minimum eligibility, organisational standards and common services to all IPC members to reach compliance and commonly acknowledged service levels

Develop strategies

Develop strategies to maintain the effective promotion of sports activities for Para athletes from grassroots to elite level focusing on those countries, sports and organisations most in need.

Many of the IPC’s Development initiatives, where sport is used as a tool for social development, are undertaken by the International Paralympic Foundation. A number of partnerships also help the IPC fulfill its strategic priorities.

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