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Sports Technical Committees (STC)

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Find below an overview of the Sports Technical Committees of the sports governed by the IPC.

World Para Athletics Technical Committee
Chairperson Ed Warner OBE (GBR)
Vice Chairperson Troy Engle (USA)
Head of Competition Roger Getzmann (SUI)
Head of Technical Control Yukio Seki (JPN)
Head of Classification Hilary Beeton (RSA)
World Para Swimming Technical Committee
Chairperson Jane D. Blaine (CAN)
Vice Chairperson Per Rune Eknes (NOR)
Head of Technical Control and Officiating Susan Prasad (GBR)
Head of Competition
Head of Classification Peter Van de Vliet (World Para Swimming Classification Rules and Regulations Article Part 2 Rule 3.3)
World Shooting Para Sport Technical Committee
Chairperson Ghislaine BRIEZ (FRA)
Vice Chairperson Wanda JEWELL (USA)
Head of Technical Ferrol VAN HOEVEN (NED)
Head of Classification A/Prof Jagdish MAHARAJ (AUS)
Head of Education & Officiating Not yet appointed
World Para Powerlifting Sport Technical Committee
Chairperson Lt. Cdr. Kamaruzaman Kadir (MAS)
Head of Education and Development Dora Szatmari (HUN)
Head of Competition Pedro Meloni (BRA)
Head of Classification Evgeny Mashkovskiy (RUS)
Head of Officiating Ahmed Alhammadi (UAE)
Athlete Liaison Sherif Osman (EGY)
World Para Dance Sport Technical Committee
Chairperson Grethe Anderson (NOR)
Head of Technical Control Konstantin Vasilyev (RUS)
Head of Classification Dr. Yun-An Tsai (TPE)
Head of Competition and Officiating Maria del Carmen Legaspi Torres (MEX)
World Para Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Sports Technical Committee
Chairperson Erik Petersen (USA)
Vice Chairperson
Head of Technical Control and Officiating Ozzie Sawicki (CAN)
Head of Snowboard Stefano Arnhold (BRA)
Head of Competition (Asia and Oceania) Jane Stevens (NZL, co-opted Member, non-voting rights)
Athlete Representative (Alpine skiing) Mitchell Gourley (AUS)
Athlete Representative (Snowboard) Bibian Mentel-Spee (NED)
World Para Nordic Skiing Sport Technical Committee
Chairperson Rob Walsh (USA)
Vice Chairperson vacant
Head of Technical Control and Officiating Len Apedaile (CAN)
Head of Competition (Biathlon) vacant
Head of Competition (Cross-Country Skiing) Tor Undheim (NOR)
Head of Classification Dia Pernot (NED)
Athlete Representative Mark Arendz (CAN)
World Para Ice Hockey Sport Technical Committee
Head of Classification Mia van Bemmel (CAN)
Athlete Liaison Andrea Macri (ITA)