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Paralympic Games Committee

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Established to provide strategic advice and recommendations to the Governing Board of the IPC on policy matters and specific issues related to the Paralympic Games including the Paralympic Games sport programme.

Membership: The Paralympic Games Committee currently consists of seven members, whereas the maximum is 10 members at any time. The Committee usually meets twice per year.

Function: The specific functions of the Committee include the following:

Provide recommendations regarding the general concepts and strategies related to the Paralympic Games, thus guiding the IPC activities and defining the parameters for the further development of the Paralympic Games

Provide advice on the collaboration and level of integration with the IOC for any aspects related to the Games

Follow the general direction and preparation process of the different local organising committees within the framework set by the IPC Governing Board

Status: The Committee was formed in 2006 and held its first meeting in April 2007.

Contact person: Thanos Kostopoulos, IPC Paralympic Games Integration Director (thanos.kostopoulos@paralympic.org)

Paralympic Games Committee
Function Name
Chairperson Matt Smith* (SUI/USA)
Interim Chairperson Dena Coward (CAN)
Member Tim Hollingsworth (GBR)
Member Masoud Ashrafi (IRI)
Member Evgeny Bukharov (RUS)
Member Julie O'Neill (USA)
Member Terje Jentoft Roel (NOR)
Member Lambis Konstantinidis (GRE)
Member Cyril More (FRA)
*inactive due to health reasons