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The IPC Athlete Career Programme – developing lifelong excellence

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How does it work? A two-track programme

So how does the IPC Athlete Career Programme bring Para athletes together with employers?

Adecco’s expertise in HR services combined with years of work with elite athletes and close collaboration with the Paralympic Family has made the IPC ACP an invaluable resource.

The programme supports athletes with career development, training and job placement expertise and raises awareness with within the Paralympic Family and with companies on the value, athletes can contribute to organisations and the labour market – during and post athletic career.

“Ending a race career is a tough decision for every athlete. When it was my time to apply for a job next to my racing career, the IPC Athlete Career Programme team supported me to determine the best solution. The most valuable thing was their true knowledge about what it means to be Para athlete. They knew exactly how to put down in words the skills you have acquired in your elite sports career.”

Katja Saarinen, Finnish Paralympic Alpine Skier – and Development Manager with the Finnish Paralympic Committee

Career development…

…makes you discover who you are and where your interests lie in order to define what the best career path is for you. We help you find out what tools, skills, support teams and career options there are to achieve your goals.

Job placement…

...consists in identifying potential opportunities for intern- or traineeships and job placement opportunities. You will receive personalised advice and guidance built on Adecco's long-standing employment expertise. We will help you leverage your unique background and capabilities to enter the job market.

Since 2007, agreements have been developed with over 15 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) in co-operation with Adecco’s national organisations to introduce the programme to their elite athletes.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to the ‘Who’ through some of your peers and their stories.

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